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Jan 21, 2008 - 12:45 am]
i didnt know how hard it was to draw a straight line without a ruler... well, i've found out now in design class! the new lecturer, mr boo was teaching us a technique of drawing, that is, to twist the pencil while drawing. it is even harder to twist the pencil while drawing and in friday's class we had to use 16 pages for drawing just lines and waves! my entire art block consisted of 20 pages including the cover. guess, have to buy lots of drawing blocks now, about 13 more, since there are 14 weeks this semester!

having writer's block on the script for my 8 minute short film for my movies class. guys, any ideas on the story i should make? can be any genre: romance, horror, comedy, documentary.. etcetc..
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i'll be here forever [
Nov 11, 2007 - 1:59 am]
[ mood | awake ]

wednesday night was spent at the hard rock cafe where sam and i saw the click five showcase where the band performed their hits from their latest album, "modern minds and pastimes now".

i know its late but happy birthdayCollapse )

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all shook up [
Nov 1, 2007 - 1:09 am]
[ mood | awake ]

it was a hugeeeeeeeee mistake for britney to open the VMAS this year. her performance was a huge mess, she forgot her lines, dance steps and was lip- synching. Wat the hell was she wearing? She couldnt pull off the outfit, her body was not toned enough. she needed to go to the gym. i find it funny that the only time she wears undies was during the performance.. which sucked big time.

i got this video off youtube.. one of britney's hardcore fans..presenting chris crocker.. do you think he's really crying or is it all an act? 5,065,314 people have seen his video! damn!

today, watched hairspray. hilarious seeing john travolta dressed as a woman. definitely different from his "grease" days.

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on wednesday night, i felt the tremor while i was having dinner with my mom. felt the floor shaking and me swaying. thought i was hallucinating when i havent even had my sake yet. then got a minor headache after the tremor. this is one of the three tremors that i have felt. first tremor was years back during december and i was sleeping and the second time was when i was also sleeping. that time, my mom's friend called my mom to evacuate from the then condominium i was stayong at. mom said, that we're not getting up from our sleep. she said,"if die, die lah, tired lah" and she said she preferred to die beautifully then risk going down without makeup on. heehee.

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today's star newspaper had a picture of stupid penangites looking out into the ocean for tsunamis. are malaysians generally stupid or what? other people are running away from tsunamis but nooo.. malaysians await for tsunamis to happen. oh dear!

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rocking with gwen [
Sep 1, 2007 - 1:45 am]

..the sweet escape..Collapse )
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melbourne, here i come! [
Jul 30, 2007 - 6:58 pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

flying off to melbourne tom! its gonna be so cold. i already checked the temperatures. lowest is 5 degrees celcius and highest is 15 degrees! im gonna freeze my ass off. well i need to be in a cool environment. cant wait to leave malaysia with its freaking hot weather.im practically melting! will come back to malaysia in a week. =)

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anthropology and war photography [
Jan 29, 2007 - 11:20 pm]
Anthropology is tough! My dreams of being an archaeologist is flushed down the drain. Just studying four chapters of my anthropology textbook fried my brain. chapters had to do with geology, biology, chemistry! ah, i hate studying science, we dont mix well. thought i would escape science after spm! pooh. anyway the anthropology quiz today was quite tricky. i got 14/20 = 7% out of 10%.. aiya, ok lah, at least i passed! hehe.

today in IT, Mass Media & Society class, we watched a movie called the "War photographer". It shows how this war photographer, Jim takes pictures during war like conditions and his feelings felt during taking photographs of war. The movie was so sad and emo. I had to restrain myself from crying. Seeing the places affected by war like Palestine and Kosovo and seeing the devastating poverty of Indonesia. It was heartwrenching to see Indonesians living on the railroad tracks when they can be trampled by the trains any minute. It is amazing how one war photographer would go to great lengths to take pictures. Jim encounters tear gas while taking pictures and evn bares the sulfuric gas when going to the sulfur plant in an island in Indonesia, which could endanger himself and in turn kill himself. His pictures are really beautiful yet cruel as they expose the sufferings of humans affected by the war and his pictures are some kind of rebellion or cry to communicate with the outside world that these people are in need of help and that people should care of the well being of others rather than pay to the latest gossip, fashion and indulgences in life.
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alas, we meet again! [
Dec 21, 2006 - 1:25 am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

guess what time i woke up today? 4 pm! yes, that late. i guess was too tired from the previous day outing. yesterday had reunion with my 5P classmates. we first had lunch buffet at legend hotel. the first to come was guo dong, ah bless him for not following the rest of them abiding the rule that malaysians are late and never on time. damn, he even arrived before i did. then, ee leen, rachel, kean hua, jiunn heng and cho yew joined us. much later, jason, sanny, gee hou and nicholas came followed by soon yee, joy, yen ni, hanna, yun ann and natalie. i was surprised to find natalie there cos she wasnt in our class. she was guilty though for crashing the party because she and the rest were going for a movie much later. they arrived about 15 minutes before buffet ended. so they rushed to eat alot of food. i was amazed to see gee hou and nicholas eat alot. the two boys are seriously fit now, been hitting the gym alot, especially gee hou and accoring to ee leen, "he's damn hot now, wei". then, kristie joined us and we took loads of pictures. the pictures arent with me now cos i didnt bring my camera. so awaiting for ee leen and rachel to send me pictures. the funniest thing happened that day. hanna said to me, "your boobs damn huge now laa..." and me with a puzzled and embarassed face replied, "uh, okkkkkkaayyyyyy.." and she said, "good wat, damn nice".. ahaha. right then, rachel was beside me and she was laughing of what hanna said. hehe. then joy, yen ni, yun ann, soon yee, hanna and natalie went back. and i got the bill, the bill was around 460 ++ ringgit. then guo dong, kristie, ee leen,rachel, nicholas, jason, gee hou, cho yew, kean hua, sanny, gee hou and jiunn heng paid me for the meal. then kean hua and jiunn heng left cos kean hua had to attend a party. then kristie and guo dong left too. then, jason, cho yew, nicholas, sanny, gee hou, rachel, ee leen and i decided to go to 1 utama for a karaoke session. rachel and i went in ee leen's car. ee leen complained the parking fr the hotel was expensive, she had to pay rm7.60. then we headed to 1u. we arrived at 1u before the guys did and headed to Neway. to go to Neway, we had to pass a gaming centre and Camp5, the rock climbing area. ee leen saw this hot white dude who she claimed looked like jesse metcalfe, his face anyway. his body not so hot though. and then we saw one of our juniors, shannon. then we booked a room in Neway. we were offered the package with the buffet but declined it as we were still stuffed from the lunch buffet. so, ee leen, rachel and i went into our paid room, room 23. and we goofed off, making a fool of ourselves, belting out tunes from mandy moore and to leanne rimes,"cant fight the moonlight". then, cho yew, jason, nicholas, gee hou and sanny joined us. we sang both english songs and chinese songs. we sang to bon jovi, backstreet boys, ronan keating, guang liang, lee hom, jay chou, atomic kitten to just name a few. the guys were real sports, singing their lungs out. i couldnt help laughing when they sang to atomic kitten's "the tide is high".. haha, such a girly song cos the song made references that they were girls and such. ahaha. then we finished our karaoke session at 7 pm and bid them goodbye. i left 1u and went back home and reached home at 8 pm. i still cant stop smirking and laughing of the video ee leen just sent me when she took a video of us and especially on jason, sanny and cho yew singing. hah, funny shit!

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dragonrider [
Dec 15, 2006 - 6:17 pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

its been an entire month since i last blogged. i have been procrastinating so long to blog that i have lost my passion for blogging. darn it. so this month is holiday time.

i had ladies night out with janice, mei ting and celine on wednesday night. we stayed at the legend hotel. that 3 bedroom apartment we stayed at cost rm 500 but we got the room for rm 80. the perks of having a mother in the hotel line. =) we had dinner at monkey bar, shared a vegetarian pizza and had delicious lamb kebab. then at 10.30pm left to paint the town red at asean heritage row. first club we went into was upstairs@the loft. oh and good thing, wednesdays are ladies night! so free entrance, wooooooot!!!!!!! i always wondered how come men dont have mens night? ahaha. that night was my first time clubbing too. yeah a 19 year old girl first time clubbing, heh. so u know when i entered the club with the girls, i was examining my surroundings, seeing the lights, going ooh and aahhs (in my head of coz). the waiter in the club thought we were lesbians cause we didnt bring any guys. -.- there were guys eyeing us and this chinese guy came up to us and started to chat with us. he only knew how to speak mandarin and dont know nuts how to speak english and we pretended we dont know how to speak mandarin. the guy was especially infatuated with janice, so much so that he spoke malay to her.wahaha. i wouldnt even give the guy the time of day if he doesnt even know how to speak proper english. then later the guy brought an older chinese dude. he looked like he was in his 30s or 40s. ok, i dont wanna be mean, but he's fugly! i couldnt bear seeing him, wanted to puke there and then! ahaaha. he knew how to speak english and asked us to be his date! ewwwwwwwww! so i was careful to watch the two guys so they wouldnt slip any drugs in our drinks. funny part was when he shook our hands and mei ting didnt want to shake his hand saying her hands are allergic. ahaha. didnt want to face the guys, i brought out my phone and pretended to text message. ahaha and later we said we got an appointment with someone and left the club. the guys were scary as there were two guys who followed mei ting and janice to the toilet and guys and girls share toilets. luckily we knew to get out of the situation or else they might have raped us! god! later we went to bar savanh, the club was crowded. the music played was techno music, not our kind of music, we preferred house music and more r 'n' b. then went to the outside area of the club and sat and have drinks. had midori shots with janice, too sweet. then janice wanted tequila pop because she have always een it in the movies. so both of us drank tequila pop. then celine was having a headache so i escorted her to the restroom. i was walking in front of her and suddenly she collapsed , knocking me over, in turn i knocked and pushed people down. i kept saying sorry to everyone as it was damn embarassing. luckily no one knew me there. haha. then i carried ceilne to the restroom but i wasnt strong enough to hold her so a waiter helped me. the girl just dranked a cocktail and booom, collapsed. scary shit! then we went to the ivy and dranked our free cocktails and celine dranked a mocktail. later went back to the hotel around two in the morning and cooked ourselves spaghetti as we were hungry. then had a good night's rest.

next day, woke up with a major hangover and had a throbbing headache. eventhough i set my alarm at 9 am but celine and i woke up 1 hour later. then we were too late to have buffet breakfast cause it was closed. mei ting and janice left us a note they went swimming earlier and didnt woke us up. then when mei ting and janice came back, we ordered room service and shared a spanish omelette and american breakfast. then had japanese lunch. janice had to rush back home because her mom was sick and mei ting went home too. celine and i took a cab to mid valley megamall. then we window shopped. MNG was damn packed, 50% sale and everyone took clothes off the racks like the clothes were free. celine bought a spaghetti strap top . then, we went to the cinema to buy tickets for Eragon. it was the premiere of Eragon and the tickets cost 11 ringgit each. then we went to this vietnamese restaurant and shared this dessert called three flavoured shaved ice and a noodle salad. then at 4.10 watched Eragon. The movie is seriously damn good, fantastic, stupendous. It's about how a farm boy becomes this famous dragon rider and in the beginning of the movie, where they showed the blue baby dragon, i was going, "aww, so cute, i want one''. i loved movies like this.. a mixture of lord of the rings and harry potter. this show had dragons, sword fighting and magic! i think there's gonna be a sequel coming out cos the evil king hasnt died yet! whee! so guys, i recommended you guys to go watch it if you havent yet!

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jammed [
Nov 17, 2006 - 4:30 am]
currently downloading episodes 6 and 7 of one tree hill season 4.. woot...(=

this morning for breakfast had bread with peanut butter! yumm. i havent had peanut butter in ages. i remember when i was younger i would use my fingers and dip them in the peanut butter and then lick my fingers. tasty. i miss doing that. must do that again. haha. after breakfast, went to uni. chatted with flavia before class. in class, we went into our own groups to discuss the case studies. vivienne, michelle and i made a pact to join the fencing club next semester. perhaps we can duel with miss yap.hehe. after class, me, wai yeng, celine, mei ting, janice went to mid valley using janice's vios. the journey to mid valley was dreadful. it took us one hour to find parking and that's when we asked a woman whether she was coming out and then we stalked her, waiting for her to get her car out. hehe. we had lunch at the food court. i had the japanese teriyaki chicken set and paid rm 10.29 for it. eh, im becoming broke. then we went to mph and browsed through books. then, went back to the car and left mid valley. practically everywhere was jam. we used the kerinchi link to rush back to uni but using that highway was not much help because it was jam too. then, we dropped off celine at her bf's office in bangsar. janice sent me and wai yeng back to uni but she and mei ting decided to skip class. we were half an hour late for class. abraham just finished his lecture on PR when i walked in and later he asks me a question on PR. and im like what the fuck? i just came in to class and u ask me a question. so i couldnt answer, i was saying,"aaaaaaaaaaa.........." and he answered for me. i think he questioned me because he think i was daydreaming. yeah i was about to sleep and did alot of stoning(nothing to do with throwing stones though). after class, mom picked me up and then dropped her off in the hotel, then i picked up sam from school.while waiting for her, i managed to have a powernap. then, we had korean for dinner. we had bbq-ed beef and lamb and i had kimchi soup with rice. the kimchi soup was extremely hot today and caused my stomach to burn as if it was an erupting volcano.

ahhh so many assignments and tests coming.lets see, i hav mc101 assignment due nxt week, my memo report and cv due nxt nxt week. i hav my mc100 test on tuesday and oral presentation plus i hav finals on 4th of december. life is just great. uni is wonderful. thank god, i finished writing my article for the american flyer, so can start on my assignmets. i shall try to stop procrastinating and start getting work done. uni= no life+ assignments and tests= me turning into a geek!!!!!!!!!!!!
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its been far too long [
Oct 29, 2006 - 8:04 pm]
i realise i know nothing about american history! absolute nothing! zilch! blame the malaysian education system for not teaching students american history in our history classes in school! my mom used to learn history on other parts of the world besides malaysia. but now in our history classes, we mostly learn about malaysian history. no european or american history whatsoever. i remember few weeks back, my lecturer asks us about the maerican revolution and the civil war, cold war etc. i'll be like,"what?" ahaha. now have to learn about american history in uni. thats sad but also interesting i guess. practically every chapter of my intro to mass comm book has american history in it. im now confused with the people who were responsible for inventions and particular events and dates! oh my god, who knew communications could be so tough. learning about history and such. yesterday i managed to speed read 1 and a half chapters within eh 15 mins. didnt do me any good. i forgotten everything when i woke up this morning. heehee. thank god, im reading the last chapter, which is about sound recording. only few more pages to go. oh and who knew it was so stressful and so hard to have student visits to tv stations. i just got back the email from the pr executive of 8tv saying that visits are full for this whole month of october and before that a few weeks ago, tv3 said that the visits are fully booked till december! i do hope i can visit 8tv this coming friday. its important for my assignment and the due date for my assignment is in two weeks time!

i shall go back to reading/revising my text and hopefully later start to write about my topic for American Flyer. the topic is about nostalgia. joining american flyer, the uni's magazine/newsletter requires you to write since i became one of the writers, so well my job is to write! right now, i have writer's block. god damn it!

before i do that shall watch 5th episode of season 4 of one tree hill. hehe.
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downloads are a girl's best friend [
Oct 13, 2006 - 7:35 pm]
[ mood | determined ]

I'm so fucking frustrated..i typed a whole bloody entry and then as soon as i click the update journal button.. then the page says cannot find server! ahhh!

ok so on thursday right before my social and business comm class, had a chat with vivian and learnt that both of us went to the OIAM finals.. maybe thats why she looked so familiar. later, spotted roberta and catched up with her. then went for social and business comm tutorial. tutorial was fun. we were put into groups of five. we were grouped following our gender, the girls and the guys. we had to write out how we perceive ourselves and what qualities do we perceive of the opposite sex. then, celine, me, yee teng, mei ting, jessicha, wai yeng and janice went to collect our photostated copies of our intro to mass comm textbooks. then, we had chap fan for lunch. later, wai yeng and i went to the main block. we went to the help desk to enquire my expired password. then proceeded to mcdonalds. wai yeng had a choc sundae and i didnt had any meal what so ever as i was sick and didnt want my flu and sore throat to be worse. we chatted gossiped about paris hilton and nicole ritchie, britney and kevin etc. then we took the bus back to block E. on our way back, saw ainul at the bursary and chatted abit with her. On the bus, i had a very funny and weird conversation with wai yeng. When i asked her, where she stayed. She replied,"Pluto"( the planet). She started claiming she was an alien, who was sent to Earth to study earthlings and send earthling stuff home back to her home planet. right then, i thought she was a wee bit crazy. ahaaha. anyway, i decided to play along and told her im from mars. hah. it was fun having the conversation with her. very exciting and definitely interesting. then we entered intro to mass comm class and started chatting to lydia who was all alone. then the rest of the students came in. lydia somehow mentioned rockstar: supernova and suddenly she, me and flavier was so absorbed into the conversation and how we thought that dilana should have won instead of lukas. lydia then made fun of lukas, saying that lukas would take up alot of his time on his appearance and should give makeup lessons. and then i said,"its all about the goth, dude". flavier then says,"hey, dont diss goth"..i wasnt dissing, ok i did, i didnt realise it. aahaha. then mr abraham came into class and played the movie,"V for Vendetta" for us to watch. the movie is great. it shows how the government uses the mass media to control the people. for those who havent watched it, go and watch it especially if your into politics. some students didnt get the movie, some were really blur. but i got the movie, i enjoyed the show. *pats own head*. after the movie we walked near block A. Just outside of block A, I saw timmy, chong, wan yian, may yoong and etc. i said hi to them. timmy was the first one to reply, asking me whether classes ended and i said yes. then i asked wan yian when is she going to introduce me to some leng chais as 90% of the students in my class are girls. the chances of me eevn flirting in classes are slim to none because of the small population of guys. why? ahah. then she asked me whether i was taller than the new guy. i said ,"dunno.i know timmy is taller than me though. im 5ft 8 or 5ft 9". the new guy is 181 cm. they were figuring out how many cm i am. im actually 180 cm. so the guy is taller than me. he must be 6 ft 1? i think.

today had no classes. so could wake up later than usual. had instant noodles for lunch. then went to study in my room. i finished reading chapter 1 of intro to mass comm text but im not even halfway through the first chapter social and business comm book. one chapter= 30 pages! yikes! and this is a short semester.. 8 weeks! double yikes! have to work my ass off and study hard to get my goal gpa 4.0, which is a big fat A! im currently downloading episode 3 of season 4 of one tree hill.. the episode just aired in the states on wednesday.. i love downloads, their easy and fast... i'd might have to wait next year for season 4 to air in malaysia! =(..currently 16% downloaded so far..sigh..im sooooooo tired now..think gonna hit the sack now.

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dandelions [
Oct 11, 2006 - 1:50 pm]
ok so i havent blogged in a while.. been really busy with classes.. my classes usually end at 6 pm and by the time i reach home i'll be too tired to blog.

so today had lunch with mom at MUSEUM restaurant. then went to uni. it was raining again. dont know why these few days its been raining cats and dogs around the afternoon. its good i guess since kl has to deal with the haze. So went to my social and business communications tutorial. today we had an exercise and we were paired into groups of three. my group consisted of me, jessicha and wai yeng. I was person A. Jessicha was person B. we had to tell the directions to our house with our backs facing each others and with no body movement. Wai Yeng was the recorder/observer, who was suppose to observe us and analyze our communication skills etc. Doing the exercise, we found out it was difficult to communicate facing our backs and with no eye contact and body movement. it was also difficult for others to understand the roads to their homes etc because of language barriers and cultural differences. later, i followed wai yeng to UOA building where she bought her sour plum sweet. then we went to the intro to mass comm class. so before mr abraham entered class, we chatted with lydia, flavier and the others just to kill time. the girls were complaining how mr abraham is obsessed with hilary duff. he's telling us that disney channel was where hilary duff became famous and he has a picture of hilary duff in a very compromising pose as a desktop in his laptop. the girls were also shocked when i told them he sents porn to students.lol. today's class was much more interesting than yesterday's class. tomorrow get to see "V for Vendetta" in class..just few minutes earlier, kong fui msged me to meet up with him cos he'll be coming down to singapore. then i replied him that I'm not in singapore now. turned out he got confused with another sarah lee, my senior. hehe.

oh the best and most shocking news i heard today is paris hilton and nicole richie becoming friends again! wow, what a shocker!
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devil wears prada [
Oct 8, 2006 - 8:27 pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

today wasnt my usual "stay at home and watch tv whole day" day today..thats what i usually do on sundays.. hehe..today went to klcc with sam and mom. we collected our movie tickets for "The Devil Wears Prada".. i booked the tickets online yesterday night.. had to register as a member cos e-ticketing is for members only. bah. then we had lunch at madam kwan's. then went to the cinema to watch the movie. "The Devil Wears Prada" is an awesome show especially for us ladies. woah, imagine all the Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Valentino, Versace (and the list goes on) in the show.. all the lovely shoes and dresses and coats..and meryl streep's performance was wonderful..she managed to be so cruel to others in a very soft voice and anne hathaway is gorgeous! her body is really nice , made the dresses she wore fit perfectly for her frame and i love her "deer" eyes. oh and another show, i cant wait for is John Tucker Must Die..coming out next thursday! eeee! oh and reminder to self, never ever ever watch a horror movie late at night..i watched "American Haunting" at midnight..started to imagine things..lol..ok now im waiting for my almost cooked japanese soba.. yesterday went to hartamas and bought those instant japanese noodles which are heaven!

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step up [
Oct 6, 2006 - 8:48 pm]
[ mood | blah ]

yesterday i sat for my IT placement test. It is now required for all HUC students. Bah. The test was super hard. I forgotten all the computer terms. Plus, I didnt have enough time. I hope i pass. The passing mark is 50%. If I fail, I have to attend IT classes but if I pass, I will be exempted from IT classes. Really hope I pass, dont wanna do stupid IT classes. Yesterday, saw ee leen, chun hao, keat, ching and yenz. Chatted up with them just before the test.

today I drove back to my school to collect my spm certificate and 1119 certificate. got to chat with ms premila and mdm nor salfarina. Alot of students havent collected their spm certificate. After that, drove back home to pick sam and mom for lunch. We had lunch at Prime at Le Meridien. I had celery soup with lobster, steak and chocolate cake with tiramisu ice cream. my lunch was so satisfying, the beef there is heaven. =) oh and we had to pay rm22 for a glass of water! eeks! later, we went to see the show room at SHARP at shah alam.. we couldnt find the place and after one and a half hours of finding the place, gave up and decided to check the house at sungai buloh. there is alot of work need to be done. sigh. i dont know when the hourse will be ready. we were supposed to be moving in this year. came back home, chatted with joy and jason. havent chatted with them in years. just a few minutes ago, cho yew invited me to go clubbing. aihs, the boy asked me so late lah. i turned him down though, he should have asked in advance. he's going clubbing with his tall, hot model friend. just found out his friend has a girlfriend. darn it. i'd probably go clubbing with him next week.

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the next level [
Oct 4, 2006 - 11:48 pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

so today z_latintink will be flying off to spain to do her masters, well good luck girl and rock spain!

today i went for the orientation for my bachelor of communications (hons).i arrived at HELP at 8 am and waited for bernice and xin rou. while waiting for them i managed to catch up with john, ben and yaz. then bernice and xin rou arrived. xin rou cut her hair. her new hairstyle suits her. then we saw kristie. we thought she did her psych degree but she's starting today. then we went to the lower foyer to register and there i saw ji kwan. then i went with bernice and xin rou to registry 2 to sent our offer letters and my passport photos as well as a photostated copy of my identification card. right then, i heard someone calling my name. got a shock when it was ainul. i thought she was doing law. anyway she's doing her psychology degree here. then went back to the lower foyer for the campus tour. i was like a lost duck looking for my fellow coursemates until a girl directed me towards my fellow coursemates. then we had the campus tour. the tour was kinda dull cause i already knew where to go except for wisma kpd and the hp towers. got to know two of my mass comm classmates, wai yeng and jessica, who is from indonesia. I also got to know a korean girl named esther jun min, who is pretty and is so cute when she talks and she's quite fluent in english for a korean. then we were taken to hp towers to have a drink. wai yeng, jessica, esther and i headed towards the nearby mamak. i didnt even know there were restaurants at the building.we drank and chatted at the same time. then we went to block a for a talk on the course etc etc. then wai yeng and i had lunch with her friend abbi at the chinese restaurant. wai yeng and i had chap fan and abbi had mee goreng where she ordered at the mamak stall just next to the place we're eating. later, we to block e. got to know and chat with few of the students from adp while we waited to go into the auditorium for yet another talk. then later, wai yeng and i with the other mass comm students went to a room down stairs where mr abraham and one more lecture briefed us on the subjects we're supposed to take. i really enjoyed mr abraham's presentation today he gave to the students. he told his whole school life, his likes and showed us his favourite food using powerpoint. then, we went to the adp dept and had our enrolment forms signed and stamped. then we went back to the auditorium where we joined the adp students for the career talk and charlie gave a talk on the student's organisation called AIESEC. we were also joined by jessica. then jessica, wai yeng, esther and i took the bus to the main block. it was a very long wait for the bus and the bus is so crowded. wai yeng and i went to registry 1 to enrol our subjects then headed to the IT dept where we registered our names for the IT placement test. then later i bought shampoo at watsons and went back home. once i reached home, i took a quick but invigorating shower. the day was hot and i just kept sweating. the shower did me good. gosh, tomorrow have to go for the IT placement test.hmph.

oh and happy birthday ice_pwincesz sorry bout the mistake i made. i wished u happy belated birthday when your birthday is only today. oops!

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let me fall [
Oct 3, 2006 - 7:34 pm]
ok i know i've been a bad blogger who never updates! *slaps head* oh i will be blogging so much from now on since uni is starting!

today , at midnight i watched the season premiere of season 4 of one tree hill..oh my god.. what a shocking episode. i like almost cried. i cant believe lucas and brooke broke up. and im wondering who's pregnant, haley or brooke? and peyton has a brother? wth, drama man. the show getting more and more interesting..ok enough about my ranting of one tree hill.

so today had lunch with dad. it was nice to have lunch with dad. i havent eaten with him for more than 2 years. we went to jake's, we had baked oysters, lobster bisque, t-bone steak and drank tiger beer. later went to kota raya with aunty paz to collect her jewellery. we took the lrt to plaza rakyat. its been ages since i last took the lrt. later we took the lrt to bandaraya to go to sogo. the weather was so hot today, i sweat like a pig.plus i dranked beer earlier and that only made me feel even hotter. i was dehydrated. while in the lrt, this cute guy sat beside me and i dont know whether its the weather or him that's making me feel hot. plus i was all sweaty and my hair was messed up. what an impression for the guy. then we went to sogo. it was my first time going there. we went to secret recipe to have a drink and ate some cakes. the cake of the month, caramel cream cheese is heaven! the drink i had, tropical smoothie was a bit too sour for my tastebuds.. then we went browsing at the department store. i bought a skirt from SEED for 50 plus bucks.. it was 50% off discount from the original price 100 bucks. what a steal! then we went grocery shopping and took a cab home.

today my day was hot, sweaty but fun although i am a bit upset with the drivers in malaysia..pedestrians crossing the road, and theres the green light which means the pedestrians are able to cross the road and this fucked up car or lorry just drives through..and when i was crossing the road today and hold out my hand to indicate that the driver be courteous enough to respect my wishes for him to stop, he just drives through. arghhh, these kind of drivers give malaysian drivers a bad name. i wish malaysia could be more like singapore like what ice_pwincesz said in her previous post that the drivers there will stop for you..

oh tomorrow is my orientation day for uni ;) wheeeeeeeeeee
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independence day [
Aug 31, 2006 - 3:41 am]
[ mood | pleased ]

Today woke up, had cookies for breakfast, then went to gym. Had my usual workout and met Jack at the gym. I was chatting with him for a while and he gave me a free movie pass to Nacho Libre. Later had japanese for lunch with sam and mum, then went to hartamas to return the bad dvds and bought new ones plus bought the oc season 3 dvd and one tree hill season 3 dvd! yay! =)

so today i did not go for any merdeka countdowns eventhough intended to go, was just to lazy and tired. hehe. plus i could hear the fireworks by the stroke of midnight. so today merdeka day i wont be going out as most of the roads will be closed for the celebration and all and the roads will be super jammed. so i shall be a couch potato tomorrow! =)

well, malaysia happy 49th merdeka!

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im bringing sexy back [
Aug 28, 2006 - 11:53 pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

today got up had a slice of bread for breakfast then drove to HELP. I waited at starbucks for bernice and xin rou. Within a few minutes, bernice came. I called xin rou asking how long she'll turn up and she said twenty minutes, so bernice and I went to secret recipe for lunch. I had japanese soba and ice lemon tea while she had yoghurt strawberry cheese cake and water. My japanese soba was alot for me so I couldnt finish it. It had more salad in it than soba. So we talked about what we did for holidays and other stuff. Well i did most of the talking, she did the listening. Then an hour later, xin rou arrived with jason. Then later, we went in the college to registry 1. There saw Joanna, so she tagged along. Then everyone asked me to ask the lady in the registry for enrolling our degree subjects. I have to do everything myself. Hmmph. She told us to go to Registry 2 to fill out our progression forms. So we headed to Registry 2 and started filling our progression forms. I signed up for my mass communications degree while bernice and xin rou signed up for their psychology degree while joanna signed up for her business degree. Then we told we were to get our offer letters no later than 7 days first to enrol the programme. Then we went back. I picked up sam from her school then picked up mom and we went to Bangsaria to see our interior designer. Since our ID wasnt ready yet, we went to La Bodega's for dinner. I had english breakfast. Yeah, you guys are probably thinking. How come I'm eating breakfast for dinner? Hehe. I'm weird. No. Cos the breakfast is all day dining and is delicious. Then we shared tapas. We had oxtail, lamb cutlets, sauteed mushrooms, feta cheese, prawns with garlic and sausages. Eating tapas makes me think of Spain. I miss Spain. I miss the food in Spain, I miss the scenery in Spain, I miss the shopping in Spain, I miss the friendly people in Spain and the hot guys in Spain! hehe. Then we went back to Bangsaria and talked with the interior designer. There were alot of changes for the designs for the house. We talked for a long two hours. Came back home watched Pink Panther since the astro didnt work. Boo! I couldnt see America's Next Top Model. Chatted on the phone with Joey. Miss the girl much havent seen her in few months and i discussed my plans for our Kuantan trip. Yeah, Im organising a trip to Cherating as mom manages the Legend Hotel Cherating in Kuantan. I get free rooms! Woot! Cant wait for the warm sandy beaches! oh yeah! ahaha

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Pasta Pasta! [
Aug 27, 2006 - 2:32 am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Today woke up at a very early 8.24 am and had bread with olive oil spread and beef bacon for breakfast. Then left with sam to Menara IMC. Once reached Menara IMC, we signed in our names on the guestbook for security purposes. Then headed to level 8 and entered The French Culinary School in Asia, HTC(Hospitality Tourism Consulting) In Asia Sdn Bhd. We were the first ones to arrive. The class started much later because others arrived late. First, we were taught to make the pasta dough. The Chef used a special type of flour for pasta called durum flour and normal flour. He also made the pasta manually and by using machine. We had black pasta dough where the dough is mixed with squid ink and red pasta where tomato paste was added in as well as pasta with normal dough. The pasta dough has to be chilled for more than 8 hours and the chef told us it was better if it is chilled overnight. Later we started with our first pasta dish, roasted vegetable lasagna. First, the chef roasted vegetables which are capsicums, brinjals, zucchinis, onions and such in the oven at 200 degrees for 40 minutes. Then he made the pasta sauce which is the tomato paste added with garlic and onions. Later, we made the pasta. Using the pasta dough previously made earlier, we use the pasta machine to make the dough much smoother and cut the pasta into slices. Then added all the ingredients together. The next dish we made was escargot raviolies with italian parsley. First, we stirfry the julienned carrots and julienned celeries. Then we made the pesto sauce, where parsley, cream and butter was added. Next, we made the pasta. Realise everywhere usually raviolies are shaped in squares but we did our raviolies shaped in circles. It was really fun and easy to do. We just had to make the dough smoother and cut into slices. Then, we make into shapes of circles. Next, we spread the pasta with egg yolk and added the sliced carrots and celeries. Then we added in escargots. Next we put another piece of the circle shaped dough over the first one. The escargots were really big and i ate one raw. It tasted like egg when eaten raw.hehe. Next, we did the salmon and parmesan cannelloni with morel sauce. i have to say the salmon served was huggggggeeeee. It cost rm 65 for one. very very, big. First, we made the pasta. We cut the dough into slices. Then boiled the pasta and soak into water. Next, we sliced the salmon. Then take out the pasta out of the water and wrapped the salmon with it. I must say it is not an easy task as it was very slippery and if not done slowly, can cause the pasta to break having holes. The morels mixed in the pasta dish was manifique! Morels are the most expensive mushrooms in the world and 100 g of that type of mushrooms cost rm 1750! yes, that expensive! When i tasted this pasta dish, i was in heaven. it is by far the best pasta dish i made today. Then we made angelhair pasta with chicken and preserved lemon. We use the tomato dough pasta for the angelhair pasta. We grilled the chicken, adding salt and pepper for taste. The chef had preserved some lemons since march and we used those lemons where we sliced it. Next, we sauteed the angelhair pasta with the chicken and slices of preserved lemon. Lastly, we made spaghetti vongole. Normally a spaghetti vongole would consist of only clams (lala), but our vongole consisted of clams, cockles, prawn and mussels. We added fish stock for that fishy soupy sauce for the pasta. We used the blank ink pasta for this dish. The turn out of the dish was great. The fish stock made all the difference in the world.

I learned a couple of things today:
1) Dim Sum contains alot of ammonia and alkaline water. I'm too afraid of eating dim sum now. ahh!
2) The French pizzas taste better than the Italians and also the French pasta looks prettier than the Italians.
3) God dang it, the French chef who conducted the class can speak malay!
4) Most of the people who attended these classes are either housewives of restaurant owners. Funny thing today, everyone keeped asking me and sam whether we're restaurant owners. ahaha
5) The French treasure their belongings givne to them by their ancestors. Especially, this French dude named Bruno, who firmly told all of us to not touch with his cutter which hasnt been spoilt since it was given to him by his grandfather. Ooh, his whole family are chefs!

The session ended at 3.30 pm, which was one and a half hour later than the original closing time. Later , went to check up on Sg Buloh house and saw shops of a plant nursery in Jalan Gasing. Practically slept the whole journey back home. Was too damn tired. Went back home and watched the korean drama series, Full House. The show is hilarious. Í'm falling in love with the show. =)

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relieved [
Aug 26, 2006 - 12:14 am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Today i woke up feeling particularly sick because today is the day where results came out. I couldnt even eat lunch properly and wanted to puke out all my food but i managed to hold it all in. Then i turned on my computer and prayed hard that i will get good results. Tried to log in to mypride but couldnt so had to go through the HELP website to go to mypride. Right then my stomach was hurting, my heart was beating faster and my hands were trembling. Then i checked my grades. Thank god i got credits for all the three subjects, finite mathematics, statistics and critical thinking skills. Thank the Lord i dont have to repeat the subjects again and most importantly im done with Foundation In Arts/Matriculation. Phew. Then I received messages regarding my results and asked everyone else. Much later, I went out with mom and sam near Jalan Ipoh at this landscaping shop to see the gazebo roof and landscaping decor for my new unfinished house. Then, we proceeded to Jake's for dinner. Had beef tacos for our appetisers, spare ribs for our main course and we shared a pecan pie ala mode, apple pie ala mode and fudge brownie ala mode for dessert. The dinner was simply scrumptious, delightful and satisfying.

Tomorrow im going to attend a cooking course mainly cooking pasta. The pasta dishes that I'll be preparing are Escargot Raviolis with Italian Parsley, Spaghetti Vongole, Roasted Vegetable Lasagna,Salmon and Parmesan Cannelloni with Morel Sauce and Coloured Tagliatelle with Chicken and Preserved Lemon. Just typing these dishes out just makes my mouth water. Mmhmm, sounds yummy, right? The cooking session starts at 10 am and ends at 2 pm and had to pay rm 250 for this session. The chef who'll be teaching is Chef Jean Michel. Yeah, he's french and i heard he can speak malay fluently. The venue is at the French Culinary School in Asia. Ahh, I'm so excited for tomorrow!

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